Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gaming with Daddy's Little Girl

Recently the school sent home a CRAZY Reuters article on how bad video games were for kids.

What's worse is that in the flyer, they only printed the first half of the article.  If you look it up, the second half of the article points out that nothing is proven.

What complete nonsense.  (My wife was really frustrated and rips the article to shreds here: link)

However, this REAL study, which was recently conducted by Brigham Young, shows that there are significant positive effects from fathers who play video games with their daughters.

While the study only focused on vid-games, I'd be willing to bet money that board games and other father-daughter activities would produce similar results.  It's common sense really: what kids want most from their parents is time and attention, share your passion with your kids, and they'll turn out better for it.

Here's an easy to digest version of the story, with links to the full study if you want the details:

Now if you'll excuse me I need to race home and get in a game of "Doritos Crash Course" with the girls before bed time.