About Russ

When not spending time with his family or working on his latest database OLAP project Russ Wakelin is an avid gamer who loves to share his passion with others.

Russ’s achievements in the gaming community include:

Articles Published
Dystopian  Wars Review, Game Trade Magazine #132, February 2011

Contributor, Unseen Lerker Magazine (Summer 2010 – Jan 2011)
Russ wrote a series of articles called “The Dark Side” for the bi-monthly game magazine “Unseen Lerker.”  While the magazine’s primary focus is Warhammer miniature gaming Russ’s column presents games that UL readers might enjoy in addition to their current passions.

Host & Audio Editor, The D6 Generation Podcast (2008 – Present)
In 2008 Russ with his co-hosts Craig Gallant and Raef Granger started “The D6 Generation” podcast.   Dedicated to gaming and gamer culture, the D6 Generation is known for its unique blend of ‘not too horrible humor’ and a broad coverage of many different types of gaming.   In addition to his role as host Russ is also responsible for the majority of the editing for each episode.

Founder, DakkaDakka.com (1997 – 2007)
In 1997 Russ founded the miniature wargame community Dakka Dakka.com and oversaw the website through 2007.  Dakka Dakka continues to be one of the premier online miniature gaming communities to this day.