Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Put some cowboys in my sandbox please...

I've always respected and admired the technical achievements and fun of the GTA series, but the theme always kinda bothered me.  I never really could get into being a gangster or crime lord.  It's one of the reasons I enjoyed Crackdown more than GTA IV, despite GTA IV being a deeper more beautifully crafted game.

Red Dead Redemption takes the great technology and open game-play concepts of GTA and places them in a setting that is much more appealing.  While I'm sure it will be possible to be a 'bad guy' in the old west, it brings to life a genre that has been ill served to date by video games.  To finally have a western themed game that has all the polish, attention, and budget of a GTA title is very exciting for me, and probably one of the reasons the game was so highly anticipated by many.

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