Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ode to the Graphic Designer

Ode to the Graphic Designer
by Russ Wakelin

When making a game, many take part
From design, to publishing, to the cover art.
But I write these words to tell you the story
Of one of the many who won’t receive much glory.

It is the Graphic Designer of whom I speak
And for a smooth game ‘tis they that you should seek.

Though most tend to think that their only real duty
Is to ensure that a game is a great thing beauty.
But graphic design is so much more
Than helping a game look fine in a store.

The wise and wizened gamers know
‘tis these graphic guardians that ensure the flow
Of fast and intuitive games that let you see
A story unfold via rules transparency.

They accomplish this feat with visual cues and styles
Such as arrows, icons, tokens and dials.

Like Frontiers of Aliens with lines that connect
The planet to space zones which help you select.

And who could tell if the humans ever got far
If there were no dials on that great Battlestar?

Would not Camelot’s shadows be a much darker test
If the board lacked hints of what’s needed per quest?

So the next time you flip through your favorite rulebook
Pause on the credits page; give it a look.

Take note of the names on the fifth or sixth line
Following those simple words: Graphic Design

Because without their skill it would be quite alarming
As all of our games would look like the one about farming.


  1. As a graphic designer and D6G listener, this is awesome!

    Just wish I worked in the gaming industry.

  2. And you even worked in an Agricola insult...nicely done ;)

  3. As a graphic designer and web designer thank you! It's nice to be appreciated by someone!

  4. After having just bought "the one about farming" I have to say I couldn't agree more! Great job Russ!